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Modern Apprenticeship funding is available for young people aged 16-19 years.
Places may be availabe for 20+ years of age.

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L2 MA Business Administration
L2 MA Business Administration
L2 MA Manufacturing Textile Products
L2 MA Professional Cookery
L3 MA Civil Engineer
L3 MA Electrician
L3 MA Engineering Maintenance
L3 MA Engineering: Fabrication & Welding
L3 MA Plant Operator
L3 MA Quantity Surveyor
L3 MA Signal Reception
Train Shetland – Vocational Training manages Modern Apprenticeships across a wide range of companies throughout Shetland. We support a range of applicants; school leavers, students and adults, looking for skills-based employment with training. We are also responsible for co-coordinating Undergraduate summer placements with local companies through a national enterprise scheme.